Representative Experience

  • Represented large EIFS contractor in East Texas, in an action based upon statutory indemnity against an EIFS manufacturer. Won a substantial jury verdict listed by VERDICT SEARCH as one of the Top 100 Verdicts in 2005. 
  • Defended a large pump manufacturer in a multi-million dollar asbestos-related mesothelioma case in West Texas, resulting in a non-suit after several days of trial. 
  • Defended a HVAC sub-contractor in a complex and multi-party residential mold case, in Central Texas, where the Plaintiffs were seeking $750,000. The result was a take-nothing judgment. 
  • Defended a prominent car dealership accused of causing carbon monoxide poisoning. The jury found that the Defendant was not liable for the Plaintiff's injuries. 
  • Defended a national security company in Central Texas involving a security system malfunction resulting in a defense verdict. 
  • Defended a Texas trucking company whose driver, blind in one eye and possessing improper licensing, was alleged to have caused injuries to Plaintiff, including paraplegia. Plaintiffs were seeking a judgment in excess of 20 million dollars. The result was a very substantial apportionment of liability to a co-defendant. 
  • Defended a motorist in a wrongful death case involving a "dart-out" by an intoxicated individual in South Texas. Jury found no liability on the motorist. 
  • Defended a large construction company in South Texas involving a claim of negligence where the company allegedly failed to use proper equipment, i.e. sandbags. The sandbags were thrown from an overpass by an unknown individual into the windshield of a passing truck, causing substantial injuries far in excess of a million dollars. The jury found no liability to the Defendant. 
  • Defended a restaurant in South Texas in a slip and fall case where the Plaintiff alleged that a large puddle of water caused her to fall resulting in significant knee injury. The jury found no liability to the Defendant. 
  • Defended a large sub-contractor against a claim of improper road maintenance, which allegedly resulted in a collision of two vehicles, rendering the Plaintiff a C-2 quadriplegic. After two weeks of trial, sub-contractor was non-suited. 
  • Defended a large construction company in a claim involving am alleged unsafe work place where the Plaintiff fell from a ladder, and sustained a substantial brain injury, resulting in a defense verdict. 
  • Results may very depending on the facts and circumstances.